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Horizon Folders


Horizon folders have built a reputation in Australia for unrivaled productivity and value by providing exceptionally high levels of automation and ease of use at a price point that you will have to see to believe!


AFC-746F - B1 Size Computerised Cross Folder


The AFC-746F features intelligent automation. All sections, including the Buckle Plates, Roller Plates, and Sucker Heads can be adjusted by inputting the paper size and fold pattern through the 10.4 inch large colour touch screen. It takes only a couple of minutes to finish the changeover from 16 page B-1 format signatures to 16 page B-2 format signatures. The Horizon delivery system makes it possible to provide 14,000 sheets/hr. of 16 page B-1 format signatures.

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AFC-746S/ AFC-746D - B1 Size - Computerised Cross Folder


The AFC-6S/AFC-746D is equipped with 6 buckles and 2 cross knives. The 10.4 inch large colour touch screen provides for friendly operation. Combination with 6 parallel buckles, 1st cross knife, 1 buckle under knife, and 2nd cross knife performs wide variety foldings. The AFC-746D is available as a GS certified model.

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AFC-744A / AFC-744S

B1 Size Computerised Cross Folder


The AFC-744A/744S is a 4KTTL folder. The AFC-744A / 744S can set up 14 fold patterns, includng 16 page cross fold and 8 page cross fold, by selecting the desired fold pattern and inputting the sheet size on the 10.4 inch colour touch screen. All settings can be done through the large and interactive icon-based touch screen for user-friendly operation quick change-over.

AFC-744S has additional automation including a knife stopper, fine adjustment and a buckle under knife.

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AFC-742K / AFC-742KP - B1 Size Cross Folde


The AFC-742/742KP is a 2-buckle cross folder especially designed for 16-page fold. Maximum sheet width is 738mm (29.0''), and maximum production speed is 36,000 sheets/hr. with A4/Letter parallel conneectable with TST-33. The AFC-742KP is connectable with the MKU-45/54T for 32 page signature.

TST-33 - Press Stacking & Semi-auto Bundling Unit

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AFC-566FG - B2 Computerised Cross Folder


The AFC-566FG is a fully automated folding machine equipped with 6 buckles, 1 cross knife and 2 buckles under knife. All necessary setting including roller gap asjustment can be performed through the 10.4 inch colour touch screen display.

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AFC-566A - B2 Size Computerised Cross Folder


The AFC-566A computer-controlled folder combines superior feeding and reigstration with colour touch screen control. An operator can select from 17 pre-set folds or set up to 200 custom folds, all with touch screen ease. The AFC-566A can handle a wide range of papers at speeds up to 35,000 sheets per hour.

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AFC-492 - B3 Size Cross Folder


The AFC-492 is a heavy-duty floor model folder with 2-buckle + 1-cross knife folder.


AF-566T4F Buckle Folder


The AF-566T4F ia a fully automated buckle folder with 6+4 buckle modular stations. Make-ready time is dramatically reduces by intuitive colour touch screen operation and advanced automated set up including roller gap setting.

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AF-406T6A Buckle Folder


The AD-406T6A features a unique modular system - 6 buckles on the first station and 6 buckles on the second station that can be combined. Even concertina fold and DL fold can be performed easily.

ED-40 - Standing Delivery Unit

The ED049 is prepared for small fold. Available for AFC-544A/546A, AF-406T6a and EF35/34.

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RFU-54 - Round Pile Feeder Unit


The RFU-54 can be attached to the folder without removing the flat pile feeding table.