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Horizon Collators


Horizon collators are fast and accurate. They operate stand-alone or can link to Horizon stitcher/trimmers for automated feeding of uncollated sets. You won't find performance, flexibility and productivity at this price anywhere else.



The Horizon VAC-100


The market leading VAC-100 is a 10-bin rotary feed, air-suction collating tower. User-friendly with intuitive touch-screen controls. Expandable up to 6 modules (60 sheets or240 pages). Highly flexible with a range of jogging and stacking options available.

*An optional image checking system is available on all Horizon collators that ensures output is 100% accurate.

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The VAC-60H- Air-Suction Collator


The VAC-60H is a modular vertical suction-feed collator, expandable up to 6 towers, forming 36 feed bins. It features a field proven suction feed mechanism and an advanced programming feature. Each bin has 130mm (5.1") pile height capacity.

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SAC-150 - Friction Collator


The SAC-150 is a 15-bin friction feed collator. The collating system can be expanded up to 4 towers for a maximum of 60 bins. A computer assisted programming system provides three highly productive collating modes (Double Cycle, Dual Cover Feed, and Combined Mode).


HAC-120 - Friction Collator


This modular 12-bin friction collator features a number of system expansion options such as criss-cross receiving tray, off-set stacker, jogger and bookletmaker.

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TAC-8 - Suction Collator


The TAC-8 is an 8-bin air suction collator suitable for collating large formats (A2/ 19'' x 25'') for applications such as calendars. Sustained performance and reliability will improve your collating productivity.

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HAL-4 - Tipping Collator


The HAL-4 provides high quality tipping of business reply cards or single sheets in a compact gathering unit. An optional CCD camera can be attached in the hopper to detect incorrectly loaded signatures.